Learn the Crazy Way to Preserve Mango from Frozen Mango Exporters

3 05 2016

Learn The Ways to Preserve Mango

Mangoes, sweet and tropical fruits, also known as king of fruit; taste best when they are cut and served freshly in fruit salads, smoothies, or as a frozen snack. If you love eating papaya in the morning, you can also eat mangoes as a breakfast side dish. Frozen mango dices exporters tell that freezing mangoes are the best way to prepare a large quantity to store. As we know, mango is a summer fruit, you can preserve it and enjoy its heavenly taste in snowy winters as well.

Learn the trick to preserve mangoes in following steps -

  • Pick ripe mangoes – gently press the mangoes to determine hardness of the fruit. This will tell you whether the fruit is ripe or not. Soft ones are best to pick.
  • Peel the skin and chop mangoes into dices- Use peeler and knife to remove the skin of the fruit. Slice the mango into dices.
  • Place the diced mangoes on a baking sheet- Arrange the dices in such way that they don’t touch each other. You can also use a shallow casserole dish as an alternative.
  • Put the baking sheet or casserole dish in the freezer- Freeze the fruit. It will take minimum 3 hours to freeze mango dices.
  • Use zipper to store frozen mango dices. Don’t forget to label it with current date.

That’s it. We know it is super easy. You can store various other pulpy fruits like this. If you are not interested in doing this, you will always have an option to source these products from frozen mango dices exporters.

If you need any information about frozen products, you can contact pulp exporters today. They are offering frozen mango products and mango pulp across the world.



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